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a component
a part of a whole of something
a compound
something made by combining two or more parts or elements
a craft
a skilled trade
a design
a picture or layout to show how something will be made
a discovery
the finding of something new
a machine
a piece of equipment that uses power to do work
a method
a way of doing something
a model
a small version of something
a pad of paper
a large number of sheets fastened together
a practical application
a real-world use
a researcher
one who studies information about something
a sculpture
three-dimensional art made of stone, metal, or other objects
a technique
a method, procedure by which something is performed
a telescope
an optical instrument used to make distant objects seem larger
an expression
not referring to facial
the science of outer space, of heavenly bodies, and related phenomena
at an angle
at a number of degrees
at the heart of
central to
at the height of one's power
when something is strongest
the science of matter, how it is structured, and how it combines and changes
having many parts or details that make something hard to understand or deal with
beauty preparations used on the body, especially the face
a substance that contains a perfume to hide unpleasant smells
from far and wide
from many different places
a liquid produced from petroleum, used as an engine fuel
the science of personal and public health
ability to see or know the truth, intelligence about something
caused to work hard or be creative, to motivate, stimulate
it comes as no surprise that
it is clear from what has already been said
huge, great
related to mathematics
the science of light, vision, and lenses
a pleasant, attractive odor
a liquid soap for cleaning the hair
some sort of
a type of
science and theoretical engineering used in practical applications
these days
recently and frequently
to come to the realization that
to begin to understand
to convert
to change the condition or status of something
to design
to draw sketches or plans for
to do the trick
to be just the right solution
to draw on
to use
to end up
to eventually arrive
to have the potential
an expression used when something introduces the possibility
to lay the foundation for
to make the next step easier
to make one's mark
to have an impact
to model
to serve as a model for artists' products
to sustain
to keep in existence by providing support, strength, or necessities
to tackle
to knock someone down
full of life, spirited