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a breath of fresh air
an expression used to express that something is a change or a new idea
a breeze
a light wind
a brick
a block of hard clay used as building material
a design
style, form
a fact of life
something that cannot be changed and must be accepted
a fatality
a death resulting from accident, disease, natural disaster, or war
a material
any physical substance, such as rock, wood, glass, plastic, etc.
a matter of life and death
an expression used to express that something is extremely important or important enough to affect someone's survival
a safeguard
a guarantee against loss, harm, or injury
a screen
a fine wire net in a window or door to let in air but keep out dirt, insects, etc.
a style
the particular way that something is done
a tile
a thin plate of ceramic, metal, etc., put down to cover a floor or wall
a tradition
the passing of customs and beliefs from one generation to another
a tremor
a shaking motion
an earthquake
sudden, violent movements of the earth's surface
an element
a part, aspect
an engineer
a person highly trained in science and mathematics who plans the making of machines (mechanical engineer, electrical engineer), roads and bridges (civil engineer), etc.
an extended family
relatives including and beyond parents and children
an identity
who someone is or what something is
an inspiration
someone or something that makes a person work hard or be creative
an occupant
a person, business, or institution that occupies a place
obvious, clear
at the same time
an expression used when what was just stated is true and what follows is also true
beyond one's means
too expensive for someone
hard and easy to break, fragile
a building material made of cement and small rocks
the act(s) of building something
death toll
the number of people who have died
taking away one's confidence or hope
complex, detailed
beliefs, traditions, history, etc. passed from one generation to the next
a tall building
in keeping with
consistent with
new made or improved with creativity
able to recover its original shape
strong, quick impact
a much-used hard metal made of carbon and iron
dried grain stems without the grain, used for animal beds and for weaving mats, hats, and baskets
the natural light of the sun
to be prone to
to have the tendency to be affected by something
to blend
to mix together
to collapse
to lose strength and fall down
to design
to draw sketches or plans for
to filter
to pass through a device used to trap unwanted matter
to get in touch with
to connect with
to incorporate
to include, contain
to keep something in mind
to remember
to make way for
to make space for
to not stand a chance of
to have no possibility of
to pay off
to be successful after a period of time
to say nothing of
in addition to and even more important than
to shake
to make quick, repeated, back-and-forth movements
to tumble
to roll, especially end over end
to update
to make something current, up-to-date
to withstand
to last in spite of, to endure, to tolerate
turn of the century
one century changes to the next
a system, such as air openings and blowers, used to change the air in a room or building