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a cage
an area enclosed with metal bars to keep animals from escaping
a characteristic
a special quality, trait
a fox
a variety of small dog-like animal with a thick furry tail, considered to be clever
a gene
the basic part of a living cell that contains characteristics of one's parents
a generation
any of the different age levels in a family, such as grandparents, children, and grandchildren
a herd
a group of animals of one kind
a shift
a change in position or location
a source of pride
a reason to be pleased
a species
a grouping of living things
a trait
a characteristic, an attribute
a win-win situation
an arrangement that is good for both sides
good to do, beneficial
loving, warm
unfriendly, hostile
the science of growing food
an ancestor
the persons from whom one is descended (great-grandmother, great-grandfather, etc.)
an experiment
a test done to see if something works or happens
an offspring
child or children, progeny
related to the study of human life and civilizations through items of the past such as buried houses, statues, pots, etc.
at work
that have an influence or control
a way of acting
raising animals for fun or profits
a condition of holding someone or something by force against their will, confinement, imprisonment
touch; communication with someone
easy to teach, lead, or command
the taming of an animal that was wild, especially for human use or life in a household
down the road
later; in the future
words or objects that support the truth of something, proof
a chemical or natural substance used to make the soil richer and increase the productivity of plants
in close proximity to
in the presence of
in the same place as; in front of
in the wild
in a natural state, without humans
living conditions
physical environment in which someone lives
the possibility of being or doing something, the unrealized capability for something
a good economic period
a substance, such as found in meat or fish, used by an animal's body
very careful when making a choice, choosy
to accelerate
to speed up, move faster
to acknowledge
to admit
to bond with
to develop a close connection to
to breed
to have babies
to coexist
to live peacefully with a person (or people) with whom one has differences in opinion, religious beliefs, lifestyle, political, policy, etc.
to compress
to press together, to compact
to date back to
to be made starting in
to fit the bill
to be a suitable choice
to graze
to feed on grass
to hand over
to give to someone else
to hypothesize
to create a working theory
to pave the way for
to make it easier for
to plow
to turn over earth, push snow, sand, etc. with a plow
to rule out
to prevent something from happening
to turn out to be
to be discovered to be
tone of voice
the way people sound when they speak
a change from one shape or appearance to another
feral, as in animals living in nature