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a bargain
a good, low price for something, a deal
a beach
a sandy area by a lake or ocean
a body of water
a lake or ocean, for example
a cave
a hole in the ground, usually with an opening in the side of a hill or mountain
a crowd
a large group of people close together
a current
a flow of something such as electricity or water
a descent
a move downward
a fatality
a death resulting from accident, disease, natural disaster, or war
a flood
to cover dry land with water, to overflow
a fortune
chance, (good or bad) luck, fate
a lure
the power of something that attracts
a shark
a meat-eating fish, usually gray in color and with tough skin, sometimes dangerous
a surface
the flat top level of something
a thrill
a feeling of strong excitement, fear, or pleasure
a tour
a series of stops as on a vacation or official trip
a tsunami
a series of ocean waves that sends surges of water onto land and causes massive flooding
a vacation
a time period away from work or one's regular activities, a holiday
a volunteer
a person who agrees to do something of their own free will rather than by necessity
the usually bad result, or consequence, of something
all in all
considering everything
an adventure
an exciting time (incident, event)
an ascent
climb, upward path
an option
a choice, an alternative
common sense
good judgment
a distance below a surface
terrible and complete ruin
the time that something continues or exists
the economic conditions on a worldwide, national, or regional scale
direct, based on direct experience and knowledge of something
easily broken, delicate
freezing, very cold
how about
what do you think about the idea of
in need
needs help
in short supply
not available in large enough amounts; hard to get
in the event of
in case of
not a single
no; none
nothing beats
it is impossible to find something better than
out of service
not working
a colorless, odorless gas present in air, which is necessary for all forms of life
a chance, danger of losing something important
very beautiful
to cater
to satisfy someone's special needs and desires
to come face-to-face with
to meet directly, by surprise
to come to mind
to enter one's thoughts
to come with the territory
is an unavoidable aspect of a job or activity
to emerge
to become known or important
to ensure
to make sure
to entice
to attract or persuade
to give something a try
to make an attempt at
to inject
to force a substance, usually liquid, into a person or thing
to patronize
to be a customer of
to run out of
to finish your supply of something
to steer clear of
to avoid
to suffer
to experience pain, loss, hardship, etc.
to volunteer
to agree to do something of one's own free will rather than by necessity
worth; importance