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a benefit
gain, positive result
a construction
the act(s) of building something
a consumer
the ordinary person who buys and uses goods and services
a cost
the sacrifice of time, effort, or hurt of something
a debate
an argument, discussion
a landfill
a low-lying area filled in, often with garbage
a well
a hole made in the ground
able to be entered or reached
an alternative
another choice (way, means, etc.)
an obstacle
something that gets in the way and stops action or progress, hurdle
an organization that helps poor people
acceptable and suitable to one's time or needs
extremely important, critical, decisive
a special skill in doing something
workable, possible
related to finance
health food
a natural product that is good for you
in good health; good for the health, wholesome
in part
to some extent, partially
in this light
from this perspective
machines as a group
going beyond one's ability to control something
a strong, light-weight material, manufactured in a chemical process from organic matter (oil, coal), which can be shaped and hardened into many forms and is commonly used as a substitute for metal or wood
movable, capable of being carried or moved around
extremely valuable, costly
producing good results, useful
pros and cons
benefits and disadvantages
processed and reused, especially waste items
making someone feel strong and new again
regularly does what it should do
running water
water that comes from pipes and a faucet
the act of keeping an area clean and germ-free
not deep
spare parts
pieces that replace ones that are broken
infrequently, so as to conserve something
able to keep up or maintain an activity
to appreciate
to understand the value or importance of something
to ban
to block, to forbid
to be on board with
to agree with
to be up to someone
to be the responsibility of
to come to a similar conclusion
to decide that something is true
to cost
to have a certain price
to drill
to bore (holes) with a drill
to fall into disrepair
to become broken or in bad condition
to fall to
to become the responsibility of
to fetch
to get something and bring it back
to make do with
to use what is available even though it is not enough
to participate
to take part or have a role in an activity or event
to quench one's thirst
to stop you from wanting to drink liquids
to take sides
to support a position
to take up space
to fill up
to tax
to impose a necessary payment on incomes, sales, etc., to the government
to transport
to move
to waste
to make poor use of something valuable
energetic, strong
worst of all
the most negative thing