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a boost
an improvement in one's emotions
a heel
the rounded back part of the foot
a mammal
a warm-blooded animal, the female of which feeds its own milk to its young
a marathon
a foot race of over 26 miles
a motion
movement, going from one place to another
a sole
the bottom of the foot
a stride
the walking or running motion of a person or animal
an advantage
having a greater ability or strength; a good feature, benefit
an ancestor
the persons from whom one is descended
an arch
the middle portion of the underside of the foot, usually raised
an athlete
a person who is trained in or has a natural talent for exercises and sports
an extended period of time
a long time
without shoes
amount of space between two points
clear, easy to see
the ability to function properly over a long period of time
physical movements to train and strengthen the body
extremely tired
a source or instrument of power or energy
basic, primary
a forceful contact
in a good mood
feeling happy
in an effort to
in order to try to
in shape
in good health or condition
in the first place
in the beginning, in the original situation
in this way
like this
not ? at all
not in any way or any form
on the market
for sale
over the years
over a period of time
positive feedback
a good or supportive response to one's ideas
animals killed for food by other animals
made stronger
the rate at which something moves; fast movement
the ability to continue to exist or live
a salty moisture produced by the body through the skin when it is overheated
land, landscape
to absorb
to soak up, take in
to be known for
to be familiar to many people because of
to collapse
to lose strength and fall down
to conduct a study
to do an experiment
to exercise
to do physical activities to strengthen the body
to have an advantage over
to be better in some specific way
to have an edge over
to have an advantage compared to
to hunt
to chase and capture or kill
to play a role in
to be involved in, to be a factor
to trace
to follow something to its origin, track down
to transfer
to move from one place, vehicle, etc. to another