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payer les pots cassés
to foot the bill; to assume responsibility
trials and tribulations, difficulties
off the peg; (ready-to-wear) fashion
fait sur mesure
faire valoir ses droits
to assert a claim
la baraque
the shack, barracks
une caserne
a barracks
se relayer pour
to take it in turns to
tenir le coup
to hold out
to bring under control
riverside (adj.); resident (noun)
station balnéaire
sea-side resort
travelling salesman
de fond en comble
from top to bottom, thoroughly
attraper un fou rire
to get the giggles, go histerical
éclater de rire
to burst out laughing
rire comme un bossu
to laugh oneself silly
to encircle; tackle
attisé par
fuelled by, stirred by
to skid, make a faux-pas
tous azimuts
all over the place, all out, full scale
l'éclaircie (la)
the clearing; sunny spell
l'housse (la)
dustcover, cover (cushion)
la couette
la fronde
sling, catapult; rebellion
la sarbacane
blowtube, blowgun, blastpipe
une cigogne
a stork
to despise, hold so. in contempt
se poser
to land (airplane); to arise (as question), ask oneself
fraude fiscale
tax evasion
être promu
to be promoted
to decay slowly, to be going downhill
la morgue
mortuary; smugness, arrogance
to abrogate, repeal
susciter un grand émoi
to cause a big stir
en catimini
in secret, on the sly
un carambolage
a car pile-up
faire des vagues
to make waves, rock the boat
to swaddle, muffle
à deux pas de
a stone's throw from
le buisson
the bush, shrub
le pigiste
the freelance journalist
la manchette
the cuff; headline
une coquille
a typo; a shell, scallop
la feuille de chou
the rag, gutter press
(le, la) speaker
the announcer, newscaster
un cortège
a procession
boorish, uncouth (adj.), lout (noun)
le carcan
the yoke, strait-jacket (lit and fig)
to play the mother