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The return of a word, phrase, or stanza form for effect.
A manner of writing that mocks social conventions, actions, or attitudes with wit and humor. It makes fun of human vice or weakness.
A comparison of two dissimilar things using 'like' or 'as.'
Situational Irony
A situation in which the outcome is the opposite of what is expected.
A long speech delivered by an actor alone on the stage representing his or her internal thoughts.
A simplified and/or standardized conception or image with specific meaning often held in common by members of a group.
The feeling of uncertainty and interest about the outcome of certain actions.
The use of an object or idea to suggest a broader and deeper meaning.
A figure of speech in which a part is used to represent the whole or vice-versa. 'Lend me your ears' = give me your attention.
The author's attitude toward a subject, character, or audience. It could be serious, playful, formal, ironic, etc.
Verbal Irony
Occurs when someone says one thing but really means something else.