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away from one's home country
the place you are travelling to
the place where you live
An act of travelling from one place to another
a holiday that is organised by a company at a fixed price and that includes the cost of travel, hotels, etc.
the act of going from one place to another
a journey for some purpose (business, pleasuse etc.)
become independent
not depend on other people; not be connected with anything
become self-confident
to trust in one's own abilities or qualities
broaden one's horizons
expand one's range of interests and knowledge
experience different cultures
to meet and learn about other cultures
explore a new place
to travel to or search for a place in order to learn about it
find yourself
explore and make use of your personality, abilities, and situation
get away from
escape from a person or place
the ability to do something well
meet new people
to be introduced to someone who you do not know
see new sights
visit new places
voluntary work
work which is done for no pay because you choose to do it
an ability or quality that you need in order to do a particular job or activity
get away from
the state of being poor
earn money
obtain (money) in return for labour or services
break down
stop working
get back
look around
carry on
continue, go on
set out
start a journey
stop off
visit somewhere before continuing to another place
check in
go to the desk at an airport or a hotel
lift off
take off, rise into the air