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a two-wheeled vehicle that you sit on and move by turning the two pedals; bike
a small vehicle for travelling on water
a large vehicle in which people are driven from one place to another
a boat or ship for taking passengers and often vehicles across an area of water, especially as a regular service
a large road vehicle that is used for transporting large amounts of goods; truck
a vehicle with two wheels and an engine; a motorcycle
a vehicle with two wheels and an engine
a car with a driver who you pay to take you somewhere
a railway engine connected tocarriages for carrying people or to wheeled containers for carrying goods
a railway engine connected to carriages for carrying people
a railway system in which electric trains travel through tunnels below ground; a subway
a business that operates regular services for carrying passengers and/or goods by planes
aisle seat
the seat next to a long, narrow space in an aircraft, cinema etc.
arrival time
time of landing/coming for a plane/bus etc.
business class
travelling conditions on an aircraft that are better
a journey in an aircraft
in-flight service
service of food, drinks etc. during flight
return ticket
a ticket for the return part of a journey
standard class
the cheapest and least comfortable type of seats on an aircraft
window seat
a seat next to the windows of a plane, bus etc.
to depart
to go away or leave, especially on a journey
to land
to arrive on the ground or other surface after moving down through the air
to leave
to go away from someone or something