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a movie where exciting things happen
a movie wherean unusual and possibly dangerous things happen
someone who pretends to be someone else while performing in a film
a movie including moving images created from drawings
a (type of) film, play, or book that is intentionally funny either in its characters or its action
a person who directs a movie
connected with studying or representing things from the past
a movie in which very frightening or unnatural things happen
love story
a movie where the story of two people in love is depicted
a play or film in which part of the story is sung to music
romantic comedy
a movie where a love story is told in a funny way
science fiction
movies about an imagined future, especially about space travel or other planets
a movie often about solving a crime:
war film
a movie where
a movie where
to move the body and feet to music
do aerobics
to do movements that make the heart, lungs, and muscles stronger and increase the amount of oxygen in the blood:
do yoga
a type of exercise which is good for flexibility and relaxation
go hiking
to go for long walks in the countryside
go mountain biking
to go cycling in the mountains with a special bike
go running
to run at a regular speed as a form of exercise
go scuba diving
to do the sport of swimming underwater with special breathing equipment
go windsurfing
to do a sport in which you sail across water by standing on a board and holding onto a large sail
to move over snow on special equipment
work out in a gym
to exercise in a gym
double room
a room in a hotel for two people
family room
a room in a hotel for a whole family; often 3-4 people
satellite TV
television services that are broadcast to customers using satellites