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run up
pile up (debts or scores) (2)accumulate as a debt (3)raise
count on
to depend or rely on:
come into
1. to enter 2. to inherit 3. come into one's own
clear out
to remove the contents of: Clear out the closet.
step down
to lower or decrease by degrees (2) to relinquish one's authority or control; resign:
fall off
come off, 1. v come off 2. v fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly
come along
appear: come into being or existence, or appear on the scene;
come across
come upon, bump into, encounter, run across, run into
rule out
eliminate; exclude:
wipe out
to destroy completely; eradicate,use up,run out
keep out
to remain or cause to remain outside,prevent from entering; shut out
give rise to
bring about, produce,induce,lead to,contribute to
figure out
find out, make out, work out,learn, discover
take place
make over
to remodel; alter: use again in altered form
put out
(1)thrust or extend out, (2)extinguish,quench ,
bring into
reveal, uncover, unveil