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a benefit
gain, positive result
a category
a group or type of thing
a culture
the ideas, activities, and ways of behaving that are special to a country, people, or region
a facial expression
the ways your features move to communicate
a reaction
a response, an answer
a sense
one of the five feelings of the body - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch
a study
a room in a living space for reading, writing, and other quiet activities
according to
in accordance with, in agreement with
an analysis
work done to find facts and solutions to problems, a study
related to the science and study of life
blood pressure
measurement of the force with which blood moves through the body
a difference, disagreement
a mixed-up situation
to cause feelings of strong dislike
having the result that one wants, productive
a feeling of shame, discomfort, or self-consciousness
a strong feeling of fright about danger
causes a feeling of happiness
more joyful
a state of contentment
in better health
in turn
in sequence or order
no matter whether
not depending on one thing or another
incomplete, only a part of something
of or related to matter and material things
optimistic, hopeful
quality of life
the overall natura or general character of one's life
of or about people and society
mental or physical strain or difficulty caused by pressure
to adjust
to feel comfortable
to assume
to believe something is true without knowing, conjecture
to be easy to see
to be simple to understand
to be the mirror image of
to look identical but be the reverse of something
to express
to speak about, declare
to focus
to adjust in order to get a clear picture
to interpret
to decide on the meaning of something that is not very clear
to make the best of
to look for the high points in a situation
to measure
to calculate, find the size, weight, speed, etc. of something
to pay attention to
to concentrate on
to put someone at ease
to calm someone down
to read
to see and find meaning in written words and symbols
to reduce
to make someone or something smaller in size or weight
wide open
open to the maximum extent