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a hug
an embrace, the act of putting one's arms around someone
a neuroscientist
one who studies the brain and the nervous system
a peer
a person who is one's equal in age, rank, ability, or other quality
a phenomenon
a fact, event, or image that strikes one's attention and attracts interest
a song
a piece of music that is sung
a strategy
planning actions in preparation for war or battle
a theory
an idea, argument that something is true
an advertisement
a notice of a product or service
an incidence
frequency of something happening
causing mild anger
worry, nervous fear with or without reason about what will happen in the future
art form
type of art
at one time
at the same time
asking or daring someone to play a game or sport
the act of making arrangements for a purpose
old, aged
in use
being used
not able to be seen
it's no accident that
it's not by chance that
the ability of the brain to remember
related to the mind
no doubt that
it is sure
over and over
many times, again and again
of or related to matter and material things
pleasant, enjoyable
repeating the same thing over and over again
to study something deeply
something that can be heard
to affect
to change
to be better at
can do something more easily than someone else
to come in (first, second, etc.)
to place, rank
to irritate
to annoy
to play a musical instrument
to make music
to process
to apply a procedure to something
to reward
an award, something pleasant for something well done
to stick in one's mind
to be easy to remember for a long time
to suffer
to experience pain, loss, hardship, etc.
to suffer from
to have a problem with
to survey
to take a wide view of an entire area
to take a test
to answer a set of questions
related to being seen