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a cell phone
a small handheld telephone used for many functions
a device
an electrical or mechanical machine
a doctor
a physician
a hammer
a tool with a handle and metal head used for pounding
a menu
a list of foods available in a restaurant
a patient
a person cared for or treated by a doctor
a perfect example of
a very clear case
a prediction
a statement about what will happen in the future
a review
an article or speech about the good and bad points of an artistic work
a screen
the surface on which a film or television show is seen
a site
an area or place
a travel guide
a person who shows the way and often gives information to tourists
a valid concern
something that is serious and important enough to worry about
a video
related to television images
entrance, permission to use
an app
short for applications (for computer programs)
an item
a general term for a thing or object
at any time
at all hours
having many parts or details that make something hard to understand or deal with
created by a computer
contact information
phone numbers and email addresses
productive, economical
related to electronics
related to machines and systems
against something, not for it
on the whole
optimistic, hopeful
readily available
easy to buy or get
almost alike
there is no question that
it is certain that
to be addicted to
unable to stop doing something
to be made up of
contains, includes
to do research on
to study
to expand
to grow larger
to extend
to make longer in space or time
to have something in common
to share with
to illustrate
to illustrate
to improve
to make better, enhance
to interact
to communicate with someone through conversation, looks, or action
to perform an operation
to cut into someone's body to fix a medical condition
to post
to write something on a website
to project
to stretch out beyond a surface
to text
to type and send cell phone or computer messages