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a beach
a sandy area by a lake or ocean
a biker
one who rides bicycles or motorcycles
a builder
a company or person who builds
a capital
the official city where a state, provincial, or national government is located
a community
the people as a group in a town, city, or other area
a crime
a serious, illegal act
a historical site
a landmark where something important to history happened
a large number of
a leader
a person who directs others
a monument
a statue, building, etc., built in memory of a person or historical event
a neighborhood
the people, buildings, land, etc., where one lives
a pedestrian
any person walking on a sidewalk, across a street, or down a road
a resident
a person who lives in a certain area
a route
a path along which one travels
a sense of unity
a feeling of belonging to a group
a shopping mall
a group of different types of stores and restaurants, all under one roof
a structure
a building of any kind
a trend
a fashion, current style
an architect
a trained professional who designs buildings and is often in charge of their construction
an environment
the air, land, water, and surroundings that people, plants, and animals live in
anywhere in the world
in every country
city planning
decisions about where to put streets, houses, businesses, etc.
different from others, special
varied, different from each other
economic opportunities
chances to make money
very modern, advanced
money earned from working or investment
causing to work hard or be creative, motivating, stimulating
more and more
in growing numbers
public transportation
buses and trains
a condition of needing something or someone for support or help
the blackish-gray, gaseous substance from something that is burning
everything around or about the place or area in which one is located
to be symbolic of
to represent
to construct
to build, to put together piece by piece
to design
to draw sketches or plans for
to have a vision
to have an idea in one's mind
to make a decision
to choose what to do
to restrict
to limit
to succeed in
to be able to
the movement of vehicles, people, aircraft, etc., in a certain area
traffic congestion
too many cars and trucks using the streets
land that borders a body of water
having lots of money, rich