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a benefit
a gain, positive result
a brain
the organ in the head used for thinking and feeling
a cheek
either side of the face, below eye level and to the chin
a code
a way of hiding the true meaning of communications from all except those people who have the keys to understand it
a condition
the state of something
a cure
the healing of a disease
a database
information on a general topic stored in a computer system
a distance
an amount of space between two points
a feature
an important part or characteristic of a product or service
a mirror
a highly polished surface or glass that reflects light and images
a nose
the part of a human or animal face above the mouth that contains two holes for smelling and breathing
a point
an item of information, fact
a section
a piece or part of something
a space
a place used for something, an available place
a technique
a method, procedure by which something is performed
a Web site
also a website
an area
a place, location
an invasion of privacy
an intrusion into one's personal life
conscious of, alert to
an inability to see because of injured or diseased eyes
not able to see the difference between some or all colors
much, a lot
related to the face
for the time being
until something changes
identity theft
stealing people's identifying information, such as their name, birth date, Social Security number, bank and credit card numbers to impersonate them and/or steal their money
in the meantime
taking place during the period of time between two events
in the process of
it turns out that
it became clear that
on the other hand
looking at it in another way
credit, praise for doing something well
an ability to do something well because of practice, talent, or special training
social media
websites for social networking that allow users to create and share content
in a computer, a set of instructions that lets a person perform certain tasks, such as word processing, adding numbers, or reading information on the Internet; software is not part of the machine itself
to analyze
to examine something to understand what it is and means, to study
to be concerned about
to worry about
to be responsible for
to take care of
to compensate
to overcome a weakness with a strength
to forget
to not remember, drop from memory without intending to
to remember
to recall, bring something from the past to mind
to some degree
to a certain extent
to take a picture
to capture an image, as with a camera
singular, one-of-a-kind