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a container
an object for holding things, such as a can, carton, box, or bottle
a drum
a musical instrument made of a round, hollow vessel with a skin stretched tightly over one or both ends, to be struck with a drumstick or by hand
a flute
a long, tube-shaped musical instrument made of metal with holes along the side
a grant
money given for a specific purpose
a horn
a musical instrument, usually made of metal, that creates sounds with air
a lotion
a liquid used to clean, soften, moisturize, or protect the skin
a material
cloth, fabric
a mushroom
any of the thousands of kinds of small fungi with a stem and fleshy cap
a package
a container, especially one wrapped up and sealed
a postage stamp
a tiny rectangle of paper with a picture and amount of money printed on it, used on letters and other things to be mailed
a pumpkin
a large orange-colored gourd with a hard outside shell and soft insides
a purpose
a goal, reason
a radish
a small, hot-tasting, usually round root, usually red on the outside and white on the inside, eaten raw and in salads
a resource
a useful way to find something, especially information
a sculpture
three-dimensional art made of stone, metal, or other objects
a structure
a building of any kind
a vehicle
a machine, such as a car or truck, that travels to transport people or goods
along with
in addition to
favorably impressing
an instrument
an object for making music, such as a violin, piano, or horn
fuel made from processed plants, algae, or waste
a building material made of cement and small rocks
of today, modern
the power to do work
in place of
instead of
in some cases
many, numerous
not surprisingly
nothing more than
not a greater amount than
a dark, thick, oily liquid usually found between layers of rock in the earth and used to make fuels for heating, lighting, or engines
main, greatest
able to be renewed or continued
to carve
to cut into pieces
to cut
to gash, wound, injure as with a knife by accident
to end up as
to become, eventually
to explore
to travel into in order to learn about
to hold onto
to keep
to look into
to try to find the truth about something (syn.) to investigate:
to range from ? to
to include a variety of different things
to take the place of
to replace
to throw away
to put in the trash, get rid of
helpful, handy
a large, green, oval-shaped fruit with a sweet, juicy, pink interior