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a company
a business
a container
an object for holding things, such as a can, carton, box, or bottle
a logo
a design symbol of a business, an institution, or a product
a product
anything produced with materials and labor, goods and services
a project
a specific task, piece of work
a shortage
a state of not having enough, a lack of something
a solution
an answer to a problem, a way of solving it
a tire
the outer covering of a vehicle's wheel where air is put
a trend
a fashion, current style
rooms and other parts, especially in a hotel; lodgings
capable of being paid for without difficulty, not too expensive
affordable housing
housing that is not too expensive; cheap homes
an entrepreneur
a person who starts a business with an idea, makes it grow, and takes the risk of failure
an imagination
the act of forming images in the mind; thinking creatively
an inner tube
an inflatable rubber tube used in bicycle tires
an original idea
something totally new, never having been thought of before
the act(s) of building
showing artistic skill and imagination
pointing out faults, derogatory, disparaging
full of people, packed
capable of bending easily
the highest standard, something perfect
not able to be done
in other words
an alternative explanation to something just said
work, especially difficult or tiring physical work
movable, capable of going from one place to another
out of necessity
due to need
admired by a group of people
large, with plenty of room
a much-used, hard metal made of carbon and iron
to come equipped with
to come with
to create
to give life to
to date
up to the present time
to emphasize
to place importance on, to stress
to make a living
to earn money to support yourself
to make sense
is sensible
to make use of something
to take advantage of something
to pile up
to have things building up
to ride
to be carried in or on a vehicle such as a car, truck, bus, or bicycle
to run short of
to not have enough of something
to take advantage of
to use as an opportunity
to think outside the box
to come up with new and creative solutions
to transform
to change from one shape or appearance to another
to feel troubled or anxious