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a chemical
a substance made from or used in a chemical process
a desert
a dry region with little or no rain resulting in large areas of sand and rock with few plants or animals
a dinosaur
any of a variety of small to huge reptiles that lived millions of years ago
a drought
a time of little or no rainfall
a long time ago
many years in the past
a plant
a living organism that usually grows in the earth and has roots, stems, leaves, and seeds, and which differs from animals in not being able to move on its own and in making its own food from sunlight, soil, and water
a resident
a person who lives in a certain area
a sample
a single thing that shows what a larger group is like
a scientist
a person who works in science
a series
a group of similar things or events
an insect
a small (invertebrate) animal with six legs, three body segments, and sometimes wings
as many as possible
the largest number of
compared to
when contrasted with
a flow of something, such as electricity or water
highly emotional, making a big impression
during times of
when there is or was
extremely big, huge
decisions made after an investigation
freezing cold
below 32 degrees Fahrenheit
icy, to be freezing
frozen water
a gaseous chemical element which makes up most of the earth's air and is essential to plant and animal life
on a regular basis
on record
once more
another time
a colorless, odorless gas present in the air, which is necessary for all forms of life
the measurement of the amount of rain that falls during a specified time
a study of information about something
exact, definite, clear
consequently, for that reason
to make a discovery
to find or learn something new
to be concerned
to deal with, care about, or worry about
to conserve
to save
to contain
to hold within something
to depend
to rely on, trust
to examine
to look at closely, scrutinize
to fast-forward
to move ahead
to figure out
to understand
to support
to hold up or bear the weight of
to test
an examination or quiz to measure knowledge or ability
characteristic, representative
the hard material below the bark of trees