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a battery
a storage container for electricity
a community
the people as a group in a town, city, or other area
a lamp
any of a variety of lighting devices using electricity, oil, or gas
a mechanic
a person who maintains and repairs machinery
a motor
a machine that creates power, such as the engine in a car
a noise
a sound, especially an unpleasant one
a villager
a person who lives in a village
a volunteer
someone who agrees to do something of their own free will rather than by necessity
a world record
the biggest number
another choice
an elementary school
primary education
an engineer
a person highly trained in science and mathematics who plans the making of machines, roads, and bridges
an impact
a forceful contact
an inventor
a person who creates something new
an organization
a group of people working together for a purpose, such as a business or hobby
basic needs
necessary items for survival
cared, paid attention to
flow of energy used as a power source
environmentally friendly
good for the earth
to have the feeling of irritation, disappointment, or anger as a result of being prevented from doing something
a substance, such as coal, oil, or gasoline, that when burned releases heat to provide energy and power
new made or improved with creativity
instead of
as a different action than
any physical substances, such as rock, plastic, glass, wood, etc.
contamination of air, earth, or water by pollutants
processed and reused materials
related to the countryside, not the city
related to the sun
to address a problem
to solve the challenges
to become increasingly popular
are being used more and more
to come at a cost
to cause problems
to complain
to express dissatisfaction, such as with pain or something that is wrong
to damage
to hurt, injure
to design
to draw sketches or plans for
to drop out of school
to stop attending school
to encourage
to give strength or hope to someone, urge
to estimate
to make a judgment about
to get around
to travel
to give up
to stop trying
to keep the cost down
to make something less expensive
to provide
to supply, furnish something
to recharge
to put energy back into something
ways to move from one place to another