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a community
the people as a group in a town, city, or other area
a decade
a period of 10 years
a disaster
a sudden great act of destruction and loss
a farmer
a person who farms
a flood
to cover dry land with water, to overflow
a forest
a large area with many trees
a majority
more than half, but not all of something
a policy
a rule or group of rules for doing business by industry and government
a river
a large body of water that moves in one direction between two banks
a role
a part played by an actor or actress
a system
a group of related parts that function together for a purpose
a threat
a warning of harm
a wildfire
a fire that spreads very quickly and in an uncontrolled way
above sea level
the height of the land compared to the sea
an expert
a master at something, authority
an increase
a larger amount
an individual
one person
as a result
the type of weather that a place or region has
on or near the coast; close to the ocean
plantings or harvests of grain, vegetables, or fruit
in fact
an expression used when emphasizing an important point
in the past
many years ago
an electrical discharge in the sky or between sky and earth, especially during a thunderstorm
no longer
something used to be the case, but is not now
as expected, typical, average
on average
allowed too many people, put too many things in one place
a grain of the cereal grass family of ancient origin that is used for food and grows in watery areas
food from the ocean or other body of water
water from the ocean, containing salt
the degree of heat or cold
the worst-case scenario
the most serious situation that might happen
to destroy
to pull or break down
to experience
to feel or know by personal involvement in
to face many challenges
to experience difficult situations
to get rid of
to throw away
to risk
to put something important in danger, chance something
to set something on fire
to start a fire
to share a common bond
to be similar in one way
to survive
to continue to live or exist
to wash away
to carry or be carried away by moving water
the plant covering in an area
the natural movement of air outdoors