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a blog
a website providing information, or expressing one's thoughts
a century
a time period of 100 years
a challenge
an invitation to play a game or sport
a goal
an objective, purpose
a journey
a trip, especially a long one
a resort
a hotel with recreation facilities
a response
an answer
a tourist
a visitor who travels for pleasure
a wake-up call
a morning alarm
about to
going to happen
an adventure
an exciting time (incident, event)
an applicant
a person seeking a specific job
an application
a document or blank form for writing down information for a specific purpose, such as requesting a job or loan
an explorer
one who travels in order to learn
an interview
a meeting where information is gathered from someone
an island
a piece of land completely surrounded by water
harmful; risky, hazardous
various (under)water sports
central, major
every step of the way
each part of a process
causing fear
in short
to say in a few words
to make something a part of something else
jet skiing
an activity on a small self-propelled vehicle that travels across the water and is steered by handlebars
especially, greatly
horrified, having strong fear in
to access
to get into, enter
to be under a lot of pressure
to feel stressed and worried about doing something
to come up with
to think of a new idea
to have a good time
to enjoy oneself
to hire
to pay for the services of, employ
to hope for the best
to want everything to happen in a good way
to make it
to succeed in something
to recover
to regain one's health
to select
to choose, to single out specific people or things
to submit
to pass in or give in
to swim
to move through water by moving parts of the body
to take note
pay attention to something
to travel
to go, journey
to travel light
to pack a small amount of clothing
to update
to make something current, up-to-date
too good to be true
thinking something is so fantastic that there might be something wrong
an Internet address which gives information about an organization, product, or person