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to cut sth = chặt, cắt cái gì
I'm going to CUT the cake now.
kind of tree = loại cây
What KIND OF TREE do you like best?
to protect sth = bảo vệ cái gì
You are the single best person to PROTECT your personal information.
to plant sth = trồng cái gì
Alluvial soil is very good to PLANT trees.
to give shade = cho bóng mát
In the summer, the campus woods GIVE us cool SHADE.
to save sth = tiết kiệm cái gì
All you have to do is get yourself a job and SAVE money.
to save energy = tiết kiệm năng lượng
What can I do to SAVE ENERGY?
a lot of + danh từ không đếm được = rất nhiều cái gì
There was A LOT OF cocaine in his room.
without doing sth = không làm gì
No one truly becomes a creative genius WITHOUT having to "risk his ideas".
to be watered = được tưới nước
These trees need to BE WATERED regularly.
can't imagine how = không thể hình dung, không thể tượng tượng, thật sự không biết...
I CAN'T IMAGINE what he wants from us.
to live = sống
The doctors said he only had six months to LIVE.
to be used = được sử dụng
The oven looked as if it had never been USED.
to buy sth = mua cái gì
I wanna BUY some books.
to decorate sth = trang trí cái gì
Bright posters DECORATE the streets.
Christmas tree = cây thông Giáng Sinh
I was putting the star on the top of the CHRISTMAS TREE when my grand parents got home.
to grow = mọc
A supermarket chain started to GROW when there was the foreign investment in this area.
coconut = quả/trái dừa
When a COCONUT tree dies, the decay starts at the top.
fruit trees = cây ăn quả
The main aim when pruning FRUIT TREES is usually to maximize FRUIT yield.
tropical climates = các vùng khí hậu nhiệt đới
to be in bloom = nở hoa
The roses are IN BLOOM.
to suffer from sth = chịu đựng/gánh chịu cái gì
A lot of prisoners SUFFER FROM torture in cold blood in this room.
itch = ngứa
I can't wear wool - it makes me ITCH.
let's do something = Cùng làm gì nhé.
LET'S have lunch together next week.
to eat out = đi ăn ở ngoài
Do you prefer to EAT in or to EAT OUT?
It's my treat. = Tôi đãi/Tôi mời.
I'll pay for the meal, it's MY TREAT today.
Would you like to do something? = Bạn có muốn làm gì không?
WOULD YOU LIKE TO go TO the coffee shop with me?
to order = gọi món
Are you ready to ORDER, sir?
to come back = trở lại
Are you going to COME BACK to Chicago?
Shall I/we = Tôi sẽ/Chúng tôi sẽ... (đưa ra lời đề nghị)
SHALL I pick the children up from school today?