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to make sth = làm ra cái gì
I will MAKE something to drink.
smoked (mackerel) = (cá thu) hun khói
Have you ever eaten SMOKED lamb ribs before?
to be good for doing sth = dùng để làm gì thì tốt
Borage is GOOD FOR releasing poisons and lowering fevers.
to be perfect for sth = tuyệt hảo cho cái gì
This place is PERFECT FOR relaxation because it is a quiet area.
grilled (salmon dish) = (món cá hồi) nướng
The GRILLED shrimp is my favorite DISH here.
don't want to do sth = không muốn làm gì
I DON'T WANT TO get married early.
mustard = mù tạt
Apply MUSTARD on the bread slices and along their edges.
appetizing = ngon miệng
The meals he cooked were always nourishing but never particularly APPETIZING.
to grow up = lớn lên, trưởng thành
When I GROW UP I wanna be famous.
full of sth = đầy cái gì
Life is FULL OF mysteries.
full of sb = đầy những ai
The stadium is FULL OF spectators today.
meat-eater (meat eater) = người ăn mặn
They have determined that MEAT-EATERs are more selfish and distant than vegetarians are.
telephone number = số điện thoại
Slow down when saying your TELEPHONE NUMBER.
to tell somebody something = nói với ai chuyện gì; báo với ai
If you see anything suspicious, TELL the police.
how to do something = làm gì như thế nào
Would you sHOW me HOW TO send an email?
to use sth = sử dụng cái gì
How often do you USE the bus?
to come back = quay lại
I will COME BACK to Vietnam.
to be on the phone = đang nói chuyện điện thoại
I was ON THE PHONE all night.
to get through to sb = liên lạc được với ai (bằng điện thoại)
I tried calling several times but I couldn't GET THROUGH TO him.
finally = cuối cùng
After months of looking he FINALLY found a job.
to help sb = giúp đỡ ai đó
Sports HELP us release stress.
operator = tổng đài
It was the sound of the OPERATOR on my 911 call.
How may I help you? = tôi có thể giúp gì cho bạn?
Welcome to the hotel. HOW MAY I HELP YOU?
to ask sth = hỏi chuyện gì
I am going to ASK questions for 30 seconds.
May I do sth = tôi có thể làm gì không? (Dùng khi xin phép ai làm gì, hỏi một cách lịch sự)
MAY I help myself to some more food?
If you don't mind,....= Nếu không phiền,....
I need some information if YOU DON'T mind.
to give sb sth = đưa cho ai cái gì
Can you GIVE us some water?
phone number = số điện thoại
I seem to have the wrong PHONE NUMBER.
to try to do sth = cố làm gì
They TRY TO apply for financial aid.