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to go to the beach = đi tắm biển
We will GO TO THE BEACH this weekend.
to like doing = thích làm gì
I LIKE going out to parties with friends or watching TV.
to go to somewhere = đi tới đâu đó
We’re planning TO GO TO Japan this Spring.
seafood = hải sản
You get good SEAFOOD here.
types of seafood = loại hải sản|
What TYPES OF SEAFOOD do you like best?
types of sth = các loại...
What type OF clothes does she wear?
the best choice = lựa chọn tốt nhất
Vegetable and fresh fruits are THE BEST CHOICEs for providing THE nutrients your body needs.
to be low in fat = ít chất béo
You should choose the food which is LOW IN FAT.
to be high in protein = nhiều chất đạm
Meats, vegetables and milk products are HIGH IN PROTEIN.
to enjoy sth = thưởng thức cái gì
ENJOY your holiday and don't forget to send me a postcard.
to give sth sth = mang đến cho cái gì cái gì
Do not GIVE your pet vitamins unless suggested by a vet.
to be a great way to do sth = là cách tuyệt vời để làm gì
Drawing is A GREAT WAY TO think.
to itch = bị ngứa
It might ITCH for a few days.
whenever = bất kỳ khi nào
I try to use olive oil WHENEVER possible.
shrimp = tôm
They often hunt together for fish, squid, and SHRIMP.
can be eaten = có thể ăn được
Bread CAN BE EATEN with several dishes.
to be eaten = được ăn
Squid and baby octopuses are EATEN alive by Koreans.
after doing sth = sau khi làm gì
I was feeling better AFTER going home from class.
to fry = chiên, rán
Heat the oil in a large pan and FRY the onion and garlic for 5 minutes.
to steam = hấp
STEAM the vegetables for about ten minutes.
to roast = quay, nướng trong lò, rang
Can you show me how TO ROAST chicken?
part of sth = phần của cái gì
The top PART OF the shoe is made OF leather.
turtle meat = thịt rùa
Why is TURTLE MEAT so expensive?
Easter = Lễ Phục Sinh
Do you know the history of EASTER?
It's + tính từ + to do sth = Rất... để làm gì
IT'S hard TO say goodbye.
to find sth = tìm ra cái gì
I can't FIND my book.
it is rare (for someone) to do something = hiếm khi (ai) làm gì
It’s extremely RARE FOR her TO lose her temper.
octopus = bạch tuộc
Paul the OCTOPUS, who predicted the outcome of eight matches, has died at an aquarium in Germany.
to be served with sth = được ăn kèm với cái gì
Pasta is SERVED WITH salad and toasted garlic bread.
to be out of this world = cực kì ngon
This pie is just OUT OF THIS WORLD.