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to wash sth = rửa cái gì
You should WASH your hands before eating.
to soak sth in sth = ngâm cái gì trong cái gì
You SOAK shirts IN bleach to remove the stains.
to soak sth in water = ngâm cái gì vào (nước)
She SOAKed the shirt IN soapy WATER.
about + khoảng thời gian = trong khoảng...
I've just been here for ABOUT two months.
to be served = được phục vụ
The quiche can BE SERVED hot or cold.
the main dish = món chính
I'm afraid vegetables are not included with THE MAIN DISH.
together with sth = cùng với cái gì
That bottle of champagne TOGETHER WITH those chocolates will make a nice present.
to peel off sth = lột cái gì
The label will PEEL OFF if you soak it in water.
to get rid of sth = tống khứ/thoát khỏi cái gì hoàn toàn
How to GET RID OF pigmentation?
burnt smell = mùi khét
What is the quickest best way to get a BURNT SMELL out of my apartment?
from sth = từ cái gì
Can you make blue ink FROM something natural?
how can I do sth = làm sao tôi có thể làm...
HOW CAN I protect my family from Ebola?
to be not considered = không được xem
Pet birds are NOT CONSIDERED poultry.
the diet = khẩu phần ăn
You should vary THE DIET because you are a little fat.
as + important + as = quan trọng như
Nothing is AS IMPORTANT AS my family, please just let them go.
to be tough = dai
This steak is too TOUGH.
steak = bít tết
How would you like your STEAK done?
as tough as old boots = dai nhách
I bit a chunk out of the turkey. It was TOUGH AS an OLD boot.
to be a major part of sth = là thành phần chính của cái gì
Latin poetry was A MAJOR PART OF Latin literature.
a part of sth = một phần của cái gì
The early PART OF her life was spent in Paris.
diet = chế độ ăn uống, chế độ ăn kiêng
Try to eat a balanced DIET.
East Asia = Đông Á
EAST ASIA or EASTern ASIA is the eastern subregion of the ASIAn continent.
to seem + tính từ = có vẻ...
My eyes SEEM blurry.
the spread of sth = sự lây lan của cái gì
Poor hygiene encourages THE SPREAD OF disease.
the bird flu = cúm gia cầm
THE BIRD FLU virus even has THE ability to infect an unborn child.
poultry = thịt gia cầm
Eat plenty of fish and POULTRY.
to be scarce = (trở nên) khan hiếm
Food and clean water were becoming SCARCE.
cat meat = thịt mèo
CAT MEAT is very often the least expensive dish.
crime = tội ác
He has admitted committing several CRIMEs, including fraud.
to feel like doing sth = cảm thấy thích làm gì
I FEEL LIKE speaking English in class.