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to check out = tính tiền/thanh toán
Make sure you CHECK your bill when you CHECK OUT.
to be one of sth = là một trong số...
I'm trying to BE ONE OF the top people.
both... and... = cho cả... và...
BOTH you AND I made mistakes.
orange juice = nước cam
Two ORANGE JUICEs, please.
source of sth = nguồn của cái gì
What is their main SOURCE OF income?
to eat sth = ăn cái gì
I always want TO EAT something sweet.
a piece of sth = một miếng...
Take A PIECE OF fried bread.
to get rid of sth/sb = trút bỏ/loại bỏ/tống khứ cái gì/ai
I can't GET RID OF this headache.
onion breath = hơi thở có mùi hành (do ăn hành)
By now, I assume your ONION BREATH is gone.
to reduce sth = giảm thiểu cái gì
If you accept to REDUCE price, my mother may agree to buy it.
fever = cơn sốt
He has a high FEVER.
with sb/sth = với ai/cái gì
Would you like to go to the cinema WITH me?
to be the number one sth/sb = là cái gì/người số một
By 1948, THE "new" Jolson was ranked THE NUMBER-ONE singer in THE United States.
the world's leading athletes = các vận động viên hàng đầu thế giới
British diving star Tom Daley is one of THE WORLD'S LEADING ATHLETES.
to be useful = có ích
That basket would BE USEFUL for picnics.
to moisturize sth = giữ ẩm cho cái gì
You should MOISTURIZE your skin morning and night.
to have sth = có gì đó
They HAVE three houses.
it is best to do sth = tốt nhất là làm gì
It IS BEST TO drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.
pineapple juice = nước dứa ép
PINEAPPLE JUICE is a delicious and healthy drink.
to include sb = bao gồm ai
Our members INCLUDE people who love to listen to music and people who love to make music.
to include sth = gồm cái gì
The proposals INCLUDE increasing the tax on petrol.
apple seeds = hạt táo
APPLE SEEDS if swallowed whole are not harmful at all.
to avoid doing sth = tránh làm gì
I want to AVOID being drawn into the argument.
to be considered as sth = được xem là cái gì
What can BE CONSIDERED AS an abuse of power?
to have sth = có/sở hữu cái gì
Do you HAVE something special?
to consider = xem xét, cân nhắc
She paused and CONSIDERed for a moment.
although S + V = mặc dù...
He decided to go, ALTHOUGH I begged him not to.
distinct reputation = sự nổi tiếng (đáng kể, đáng chú ý)
They have a DISTINCT REPUTATION for corruption.
because of + danh từ/cụm danh từ = bởi vì cái gì
He found working in Japan very difficult BECAUSE OF the language problem.
to prevent sth = ngăn ngừa điều gì
How can we PREVENT littering?