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to understand = hiểu
If you don’t UNDERSTAND, just put your hand up.
kindness = sự tử tế, ân cần, lòng tốt
I shall never forget the KINDNESS of the nursing staff.
to be talented = tài năng
She's so TALENTED that her success can only BE a question of time.
should not do sth = không nên làm gì
You SHOULD NOT DO cheesy actions on the first date.
to be discriminated against = bị đối xử phân biệt.
Mr. Jones is DISCRIMINATED AGAINST because of his age.
to be rude = thô lỗ
He is RUDE TO me at every opportunity.
to deal with sb = làm việc với ai, làm ăn với ai
Most travel agents do not DEAL directly WITH these companies.
to want to do sth = muốn làm gì
I WANT TO see her again.
won't do sth = sẽ không làm gì
They WON'T lend us any more money.
to enable sb to do sth = cho ai cơ hội/khả năng làm gì
Computerization ENABLEs us TO cut production costs by half.
to work with sb = làm việc với ai
We also WORK WITH builders.
working environment = môi trường làm việc
So what do you look for in your ideal WORKING ENVIRONMENT?
dynamic people = những người năng nổ
Winners are DYNAMIC PEOPLE who like to influence others and take control of situation.
to maintain sth = duy trì cái gì
It’s sometimes hard to MAINTAIN the right balance between your work and your home life.
to drive sb to somewhere = đưa ai đó đến đâu
I DRIVE my son TO his school everyday.
positive attitude = thái độ tích cực
POSITIVE ATTITUDE brings optimism and motivates toward success.
success = sự thành công
What's the secret of your SUCCESS?
happiness = niềm hạnh phúc
Her eyes shone with HAPPINESS.
one of + danh từ số nhiều = một trong số...
The boy is ONE OF my students in my judo class.
positive thinking = suy nghĩ tích cực
The power of POSITIVE THINKING is vital for achieving success.
the most powerful weapons = những vũ khí mạnh nhất
One of THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPONS in THE world is understanding.
to blame sb for sth = đổ lỗi cho ai vì chuyện gì
If you do not love him, what right do you have to BLAME him FOR a change of heart?
to happen = xảy ra
What HAPPENs if I press this button?
negative people = những người tiêu cực
How do you deal with NEGATIVE PEOPLE?
really = thật sự
Thank you, but I REALLY couldn't eat another thing.
black and white movies = những bộ phim trắng đen
I am always a big, big fan of BLACK AND WHITE MOVIES.
to be blessed to do sth = thật có phước khi được làm gì
Do you believe you have TO BE BLESSED TO BE wealthy?
talented people = người tài
The most TALENTED PEOPLE often fail to be a success.
some of + danh từ số nhiều = một vài...
I spoke to SOME OF the people who saw the accident, but not everyone.
to write poems = làm thơ
She wrote POEMS when she was little girl.