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to have sth = ăn/uống món gì
Let me buy you a drink. What’ll you HAVE?
to have fast food = ăn đồ ăn nhanh
I HAVE FAST FOOD every two weeks.
midnight = nửa đêm
They had to leave at MIDNIGHT.
to have sth = có cái gì
She HAS an amazing memory.
to look + tính từ = trông có vẻ...
You LOOK beautiful tonight.
to have big muscles = có cơ bắp
Do Real Roman and Greek warriors HAVE BIG MUSCLES and six-pack abs like in the movie?
to be strong = khỏe mạnh
He's STRONG enough to lift a car.
to say (that)... = nói rằng...
He SAYs THAT he loves me.
to agree with sth = đồng ý với điều gì
I AGREE WITH your interpretation.
only + danh từ = chỉ có...
It is ONLY an estimated plan.
to pay money to do sth = trả tiền để làm gì
Parents are willing TO PAY MONEY TO have their children personally tutored.
to go to a surgeon = đến bác sĩ phẫu thuật
He said it was cancer and that I should GO TO A SURGEON as soon as possible.
to change sth = thay đổi cái gì
She won't CHANGE her mind.
to consider sth = suy nghĩ/xem xét chuyện gì
I will CONSIDER this case carefully.
the best looking person = người có vẻ ngoài ưa nhìn nhất
You may not be THE BEST-LOOKING PERSON but you have a good heart.
to make sure (that) + mệnh đề = đảm bảo, chắc chắn chuyện gì
Make SURE they can't move.
to be treated fairly = được đối xử công bằng
People have the right to BE TREATED FAIRLY.
to treat sb = đối xử với ai
You should TREAT others politely.
disabled people = người khuyết tật
The hotel has special facilities for welcoming DISABLED PEOPLE.
to find sth difficult to do sth = nhận ra làm việc gì đó là rất khó khăn
We FIND it DIFFICULT TO learn English.
to avail oneself of sth = tự bản thân ai đó dùng cái gì
You should AVAIL yourself OF every opportunity to speak English.
to be deaf = bị điếc
She’s been totally DEAF since birth.
to be dumb = bị câm
Are you DUMB? Why don’t you answer me?
to create sth = tạo ra cái gì
Try this new dish, CREATEd by our head chef.
to access the Internet = truy cập Internet
I need to ACCESS THE internet right now.
have done sth = đã làm gì rồi (tính đến thời điểm nói)
The press HAVE already started to dig.
to help sb (to) do sth = giúp ai làm gì
Come and HELP me lift this box.
to access sth = truy cập cái gì
The database allows you to ACCESS the sales figures in a number of ways.
can do sth = có thể làm gì
I CAN speak English.
to speak = nói
Let me SPEAK frankly.