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in somewhere = bên trong nơi nào đó
The television is IN the corner.
to feel + tính từ = cảm thấy...
They FEEL bored all time.
to feel happy = cảm thấy hạnh phúc
I FEEL HAPPY when I went home.
the quiet of the library = sự yên tĩnh trong thư viện
She has concentrated on her book in THE QUIET OF THE LIBRARY.
a book on paper = một cuốn sách giấy
She doesn't like reading A BOOK ON PAPER.
to distract sb = làm ai đó xao nhãng
Don't talk in class, you can DISTRACT other students.
to go to college = đi học cao đẳng
She wished that she'd been given the chance TO GO TO COLLEGE.
to get a job = có kiếm một việc làm
I wanna GET A JOB at A hotel or restaurant.
to finish high school = hoàn thành chương trình phổ thông
to get sth under one's belt = có cái gì để làm vốn
I need to GET a few more qualifications UNDER my BELT.
to get a bachelor's degree = nhận được tấm bằng cử nhân
He got A BACHELOR'S DEGREE in 2003.
to get a degree = có được một tấm bằng
He's got A bachelor's DEGREE in Banking and Finance.
under one's belt = làm vốn lận lưng của ai
To be able to speak English naturally is a good thing to have UNDER your BELT.
to make up one's mind = quyết định
I can't MAKE UP my MIND.
to go to somewhere = đi đến nơi nào
I want TO GO TO Paris.
to make up one's mind to do sth = (ai) quyết định chuyện gì
Once she MAKEs UP her MIND TO DO something, there's no changing it.
to go to a vocational school = đi học trường nghề
carpentry = nghề mộc
My father learnt CARPENTRY from my grandfather.
to have to do sth = phải làm gì, không còn lựa chọn nào khác
You HAVE TO DO your homework before going TO class.
to quit sth = từ bỏ cái gì
He'd love to QUIT his job and to do something else with his life.
to support sb/sth = hỗ trợ ai/cái gì
Please SUPPORT us soon.
to quit one's study = bỏ việc học
Tom QUIT his STUDY at 16.
to need to do sth = cần phải làm gì
You NEED TO study Vietnamese.
to be nurtured = được nuôi dưỡng
These plants are NURTURED in a greenhouse.
endeavours = sự nỗ lực
Despite our best ENDEAVOURS, we couldn't start the machine.
to be in the first/second/third... year (of sth) = học năm thứ nhất/thứ hai/thứ ba... (của cái gì)
most of+ danh từ đếm được số nhiều = hầu hết...
MOST of the books are of unknown authorship.
to be unfamiliar to sb = xa lạ với ai
The subjects are UNFAMILIAR TO me.
to seem = có vẻ như
You SEEM pretty happy.
to be above sb = quá sức với ai đó
Nothing is ABOVE me.