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overall = tổng thể
The OVERALL costs of the project will be 1 million dollars.
to see sb = gặp ai đó
When do you SEE him?
to be buried in somewhere = bị chôn vùi ở nơi nào
When I reach the end of the road, I wish to BE BURIED IN a quiet place, near some trees.
to bury in sth = chôn vùi trong cái gì, che (giấu) trong cái gì
She buried her face IN the pillow.
at the school library = tại thư viện của trường
In THE first time, I met my girlfriend AT THE SCHOOL LIBRARY.
to respect sth = tôn trọng cái gì
I RESPECT your opinions.
please = vui lòng/làm ơn
PLEASE respect your promise.
the start time = thời gian bắt đầu
What TIME is THE START TIME of THE meeting?
the finish time = thời gian kết thúc
THE FINISH TIME of this class is 8 p.m.
to keep sth + tính từ = giữ cho cái gì...
KEEP your breath fresh all day.
to keep one's mouth shut = ai đó không nói nữa
I think you should KEEP your MOUTH SHUT about things you don't.
to keep one’s ears open = chăm chú lắng nghe
You’d better KEEP your EARS OPEN.
to be shut = đóng
The door was SHUT.
to be open = mở
The shop is OPEN till 8.00 p.m.
to do a good job at doing sth = làm tốt việc gì
You’ve done A GOOD JOB AT decorating the room.
to make sth interesting = làm cho cái gì thú vị
How to MAKE our life INTERESTING?
to make sth + adj = làm cho cái gì như thế nào
He MADE his speech very boring.
let's do sth = hãy cùng làm gì
LET'S DO something meaningful.
to take a break = nghỉ giải lao
Why don't you TAKE A BREAK?
to remember to do sth = nhớ làm gì
REMEMBER TO DO your homework.
to have a test = có bài kiểm tra
We will HAVE A TEST tomorrow.
you guys = dùng để nhấn mạnh, gọi một nhóm gồm cả con trai và con gái
Hey YOU GUYS. Where are YOU going?
collection of sth = bộ sưu tập...
What a COLLECTION OF ice skates.
to have a special atmosphere = có một không khí đặc biệt
to have a collection of sth = có một bộ sưu tập cái gì
He has A COLLECTION OF French perfumes.
collection of books = bộ sưu tập sách
She sells her COLLECTION OF BOOKS on the Internet.
to sit somewhere = ngồi ở đâu đó
I have a feeling of safeness whenever I SIT next to him.
for hours = hàng giờ liền
He's been missing FOR HOURS.
to pull sth off somewhere = kéo/lôi cái gì ra khỏi nơi nào
He PULLed his books OFF space under the table.
to be not allowed = không được phép
Smoking is NOT ALLOWED here.