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to study into old age = già vẫn còn tiếp tục học
Continuing to STUDY INTO OLD AGE is wonderful for preventing senility.
to retake sth = thi lại môn nào
I have to RETAKE the physics paper.
to prefer sth to sth = thích cái gì hơn cái gì
I PREFER milk TO coffee.
pleasure = niềm vui, (sự) vui chơi
Watching my children as they sleep is my greatest PLEASURE.
to study = học hành
I can't STUDY with that music playing all day.
to meet up = gặp nhau (dù có kế hoạch trước hay không)
I've got to go now, but I'll MEET UP with you later.
to go over sth = xem kĩ lại cái gì
I must GO OVER your plan.
after class/after school = sau giờ học, sau giờ lên lớp
What will you do AFTER CLASS?
to meet sb = gặp ai đó (có thể là tình cờ hoặc hẹn trước).
I was quite surprised when finally I MET him because I'd expected him to be much older.
to meet with sb = gặp gỡ ai (nhấn mạnh đến khoảng thời gian gặp ai để bàn về chuyện gì, trang trọng)
We met WITH them yesterday for 5 hours in order to try to iron out all the problems.
to lecture = giảng bài
She just LECTUREs with slides cut out of the book.
to ask question = đặt câu hỏi
Always ASK QUESTIONs if you don't know about something.
to ask = hỏi
Feel free to ASK me if you have any questions.
never allow sb to do sth = không bao giờ cho phép ai làm gì
My parents NEVER ALLOW me TO go out after 9 P.M.
to allow sb to do sth = cho phép ai làm gì, cấp quyền cho ai làm gì
Her parents wouldn't ALLOW her TO go TO the party.
never do sth = không bao giờ làm gì
I'll NEVER ever forgive her for leaving me.
to cut class = cúp cua/trốn học
Have you ever CUT CLASS?
to start doing sth = bắt đầu làm gì
When they START talking about economics, I'm out of my depth.
to suggest = gợi ý
I SUGGEST (that) we should go out to eat.
to suggest (that) + clause = gợi ý (rằng)...
I SUGGEST we have dinner first, and then watch the film.
semester = học kỳ
The fee is so high this SEMESTER.
registration = việc đăng ký
The REGISTRATION of motor vehicles fee is $50.
can't wait to do sth = nóng lòng để làm gì
I CAN'T WAIT TO see you.
to get into sth = được chấp nhận hay được chọn vào lớp/đội/nhóm nào đó
She got INTO one of the top universities in the country.
to get into the class = tham gia vào lớp học
He is too young to GET INTO THE CLASS.
couldn't do sth = không thể làm gì
I COULDN'T DO anything else but obey.
to keep up with sth = theo kịp cái gì
He couldn't KEEP UP WITH the class.
to drop out of class = bỏ lớp/thôi không học lớp đó nữa
You can't DROP OUT OF CLASS and just DROP into a good job.
could + verb = có thể làm gì
COULD you understand what I just said?
to drop out of sth = rời khỏi, không tham gia nữa, rút lui, bỏ
Too many students DROPped OUT OF college after only one year.