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to have something = ăn/uống cái gì
I HAVE fried squid for lunch.
fried egg = trứng chiên
He likes to eat FRIED EGG with bread.
to eat sth = ăn cái gì
We sat on the grass and ATE our sandwiches.
always = luôn luôn
He's ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris.
instant noodles = mì gói
It smells good. What kind of INSTANT NOODLES is?
for your safety = vì sự an toàn của bạn
FOR YOUR SAFETY, don’t drive too fast.
don't + verb = không làm gì
DON'T say anything, I hate you.
to drive = lái xe
Can you DRIVE a car?
to drink = uống rượu
Can you DRINK?
safety = sự an toàn
You shouldn't go out alone at night, for SAFETY.
don't do sth = do not do sth = không làm gì, đừng làm gì
DON'T listen to him.
drink and drive = lái xe sau khi uống bia/rượu
to love sth = thích cái gì
I LOVE rap music.
spicy food = đồ ăn cay
He has stomachache because he ate a lot of SPICY FOOD.
hot + món ăn = món... cay
HOT curry is cooking in the kitchen.
for weeks = trong nhiều tuần
I’ve been learning Japanese FOR WEEKS.
for days = trong nhiều ngày liền
She hasn't eaten FOR DAYS.
have you ever done sth = bạn đã từng làm gì chưa
HAVE YOU EVER traveled alone?
to be delicious = ngon
The Italian food is DELICIOUS.
to be cheap = rẻ
Pasta is CHEAP, nutritious and easy to prepare.
to enjoy = thưởng thức, tận huởng, thích
Did you ENJOY the party?
to enjoy the meal = ăn ngon miệng
did you do sth = bạn đã làm gì chưa, bạn có làm gì chưa, bạn đã làm gì rồi chứ?
DID YOU DO homework?
to enjoy doing sth = thích thú, tận hưởng việc (làm) gì
Young children ENJOY swimming.
to set the table = dọn bàn ra/bày bàn ăn (để ăn)
Today is your turn to SET THE TABLE.
Can you do sth = Anh có thể làm gì không? (không lịch sự bằng Could you do sth?)
CAN YOU help me?
to have sth for lunch = ăn trưa với món gì
We HAVE eggs and rice FOR LUNCH.
to have something = có cái gì
I HAVE three books.
for sth = vì cái gì
Thanks FOR your hospitality.
to be a vegetarian = là người ăn chay
Her grandmother is A VEGETARIAN.