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to drop me off = thả tôi xuống
Could you DROP ME OFF at the airport?
Can you do sth = Anh có thể làm gì không?.
CAN YOU give me a pencil?
to drop sb (off) swh = cho ai đó xuống đâu
She DROPped him at the school and went shopping.
at the next stop = tại trạm dừng kế tiếp
I will get off THE bus AT THE NEXT STOP.
to keep sth = giữ cái gì
She told the waiter to KEEP the change.
at all times = mọi thời điểm
I'm AT your service AT ALL TIMES.
to keep sth close to sb = giữ cái gì kề cận bên ai
The market is crowded. You should KEEP your bag CLOSE TO you.
to speak politely = nói năng lịch sự
SPEAK POLITELY to your mother.
to keep sth + tính từ/trạng từ = cứ/giữ cho cái gì...
It is better to KEEP your mouth closed.
politely = (một cách) lịch sự, nhã nhãn, lễ độ
‘Did you sleep well?’ she asked POLITELY.
to keep one's voice low = nói nhỏ giọng
I'm on the phone, KEEP your VOICE LOW.
wallet = ví
He has only got about $10 in his WALLET.
to move over sth = di chuyển tới cái gì
It can MOVE OVER a distance of 200 miles within one hour.
to sit = ngồi
We love to SIT in a nice coffee shop.
to sit together = ngồi cạnh nhau
Airlines may charge families extra to SIT TOGETHER.
to get sth = mua, nhận, lấy cái gì
I will GET a letter from Dave this afternoon.
bus pass = vé xe buýt
She gives the monthly BUS PASS to the ticket-collector.
watch out for someone/something = cẩn thận với ai/cái gì
You should WATCH OUT FOR street crime.
pickpockets = những người móc túi
A lot of tourists have unfortunate encounters with PICKPOCKETS.
to have something for breakfast/lunch/dinner = có món gì cho bữa sáng/trưa/tối
What do you HAVE FOR LUNCH?
to have breakfast = ăn sáng
I'll have... = Tôi muốn dùng... Cách nói này dùng để gọi món ăn, nước uống trong nhà hàng
I'LL have a cup of coffee.
to have sth = ăn/uống món gì. Đây là cách nói lịch sự khi gọi món hoặc mời món ăn
Can I HAVE a drink of water?
ham = (thịt) giăm bông
My mother is carving the HAM.
roll = ổ bánh mì
I'll have a ham and cheese salad ROLL.
a variety of things = rất nhiều thứ khác nhau
We have quite A VARIETY OF THINGS.
can + verb = có thể làm gì
I CAN swim.
variety of + danh từ số nhiều = đa dạng về cái gì
They sell a large VARIETY OF fruits.
dishes = món ăn
The menu includes vegetarian DISHES.
such as = như là. Dùng khi đưa ra nhiều ví dụ thuộc một nhóm nào đó
Cartoon characters SUCH AS Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry are still popular.