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il piatto
the plate; the dish
il bicchiere
the glass
la tazza
the cup
la bottiglia
the bottle
il latte macchiato
the latte
the appetizer
il primo
the first course
il secondo
the main course; the second
il contorno
the side dish
il dolce
the dessert
I would like
you would like (singular)
del (dei; della; delle)
some; any; of
la cosa
the thing
nothing; anything
tutto (tutta; tutti; tutte)
everything; everyone; all
desidera ... ?
would you like ... ? (singular formal)
cosa desidera?
what would you like? (singular formal)
vorrei una tazza di tè per favore
I would like a cup of tea please
cosa desidera mangiare?
what would you like to eat?
desidera una bottiglia o un bicchiere?
would you like a bottle or a glass?
vorrei del latte per favore
I would like some milk please
avete dei dolci?
do you have any desserts?
non ho niente
I don't have anything
non ho acqua
I don't have any water
certo che ho dell'acqua
of course I have some water