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to hobble
to prevent an animal or person from moving by tying their legs together
rude and lacking respect
to dally
to waste time or do something slowly
a big noise
a person or organization that has a lot of power and influence
to put out
to publish something or make information generally known
work for which the amount of pay depends on the number of items completed (mass noun, no article)
someone who is stupid or who has done something stupid
a cowlick
a tuft of hair that grows in a direction different from that of the rest of the hair.
a tight corner
a difficult situation
to take advantage of
to unfairly get what you want from someone who is easily persuaded to help you, trust you, or do things for you
to niggle
to worry someone slightly, usually for a long time
secured by or consisting of bonds
a coon
(offensive) a black person; (short for) a raccoon
prepared to join in with or to try a new, difficult, or dangerous activity
to wallow
(esp. of animals) to lie or roll about slowly in deep, wet earth, sand, or water
a proud way of talking about your achievements or possessions that annoys other people (mass noun, no article)
to lap
if an animal laps water, it drinks it gently with its tongue
to chafe
to feel annoyed and impatient about something that stops you doing what you want
a stud
a valuable male animal with good qualities, especially a horse or a bull