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a bedroll
a rolled piece of material that you carry with you and use as a bed when you are sleeping outside
a leery
not trusting of someone or something and usually avoiding them if possible; wary
dried out because of too much heat
not fair, esp. by being especially helpful to one side and not the other,
a porcupine
a small, brown mammal with a covering of quills (= long, sharp points) on its back
a creep
a person you think is unpleasant and to be avoided
a skill in shooting (mass noun, no article)
deserving praise or admiration
a slug
an amount of a drink that fills your mouth
looking old and in bad condition because of wear or lack of care
a chicken wire
a type of light wire net used especially for making fences for keeping chickens inside an area
to rip up
to tear something into small pieces
a jellybean
a small, brightly colored, bean-shaped candy that is soft in the middle and covered with hard sugar
a bimbo
a young woman considered to be attractive but not intelligent
immediately effective in getting people’s attention or communicating an idea; stylish
to muster
to gather together as a group or force
on the double
very quickly (expression)
to fall in
to start walking behind or beside them
(of weather) unpleasant, esp. cold or stormy
to inundate
to overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with; flood