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to bite the dust
to fail, die, or stop existing
a divot
a piece of turf gouged out with a golf club in making a stroke or by a player's boot
a bluff
(used in many names of places) a cliff or steep slope, often above a river
to huddle
to gather closely together, usually because of cold or fear
too; very
an outing
a short trip, taken for pleasure or entertainment
a crawlspace
(in a building) an area accessible by crawling, having a clearance less than human height, for access to plumbing or wiring, storage,
in style
to phase out
to gradually stop using something
a disdain
a dislike of someone or something that you feel does not deserve your interest or respect
strongly influenced by someone or feeling the effects of something
too noticeable or confident; rude
set in
a beginning (no article); to begin
the words that an actor says in a performance (pl., no article)
a notch
a small cut on the edge or surface of something, especially a cut shaped like the letter V
short and fat
used to describe someone who works for different companies without being employed by them permanently (adj.)
to infest
(of insects and some animals) to be present in large numbers, sometimes causing disease or damage
used to address a man or a boy you do not like (expression)
a prodigal
tending to spend or use something without thinking of the future