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a posse
a group of people following a person in order to catch him or her
to drop
to swallow an illegal drug, especially acid
to take in
to provide a place for someone to live or stay
calm and relaxed
about, concerning; used in business letters for introducing the subject that you are going to write about
to deputize
to temporarily do the work of someone more senior than you
a draft
a current of cold air inside a room
to panhandle
to beg for money from people who pass in the street
a concussion
a head injury that makes someone feel ill or become unconscious for a short time
a right cross
in boxing, a way of hitting your opponent from the side as they try to hit you
a wrath
very great anger
a splice
a join consisting of two ropes, pieces of tape or timber, etc. joined together at the ends
a southpaw
someone who uses their left hand, especially in boxing
a macula
spot or blotch, especially on one's skin; macule.
to venture a guess
to introduce an opinion
a stem cell
a cell that is taken from a person or animal at an early stage of development and is capable of developing into cells of any type
in basketball, the board behind the basket (=net) (no article)
to get even with
to punish or to have punished someone by causing them as much trouble or harm as they have caused you
a probation officer
someone whose job is to give help and advice to people on probation after committing a crime