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a trail
a path through the countryside, especially one designed for walking for pleasure
to yank
to pull something or someone suddenly with a lot of force
on standby
available to be used if needed in a particular situation (expression)
designed to make a machine or piece of equipment stop working if part of it stops operating normally
to level
to destroy a building or group of buildings
to scour
to search a place or document thoroughly for something
old and in bad condition, or no longer effective
the highest sounds in music (no article)
a perfect pitch
an absolute pitch; the ability to recognize or sing a musical note at the correct pitch
a banana split
a sweet food that consists of a banana with ice cream, cream, sauce, and nuts
to roll with the punches
to be able to deal with a series of difficult situations
a quad
a quadrangle; a square area in a school or university surrounded on all sides by buildings
a record label
a company that produces and sells records, CDs,
money that someone has to pay regularly, for example to be a member of a club or union (pl., no article)
a frat
a student fraternity; a type of private club for male students at a university or college in the US. A similar type of club for female students is called a sorority
a ding-a-ling
a stupid, foolish, or eccentric person.
nonsense or lies