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a valet
the personal male servant of a wealthy man, or (in the present) an employee of a restaurant or hotel, who puts your car in a parking space for you
a woe
great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically); bad troubles causing much suffering
a trinket
a small, decorative object or item of jewelry of little value
a painful disease of the joints, esp. in a toe or finger
to procure
to obtain something, esp. after an effort
sad and discouraged
to rampage
to move, run, and do things in a wild, violent way
spending, giving, or using more than is necessary or reasonable; more than enough
to chastise
to punish or criticize someone strongly
to hamper
to make an action intended to achieve something more difficult
to plunge
to move or fall suddenly forward, down, or into something
to rear
to rise up or to lift up
very sad
a poisonous substance with a bitter taste that comes from the seeds of a tropical tree and is used as a rat poison (no article)
to squander
to waste money, or to use something valuable that you have a limited amount of in a bad or foolish way
causing harm or acting without showing care for others, often intentionally (adj.)
a pommel
the usually rounded part that sticks up at the front of a saddle
to put out
to stop something that is burning from continuing to burn
not expected, not convenient, or not suitable