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a bearing
an exact position, usually measured from north
having a pleasant sweet taste or smell
a moron
a stupid person
a barge
a long boat with a flat bottom, used for carrying heavy loads
a tugboat
a boat with a powerful engine which can change direction easily and is used to pull large ships into and out of port
behind a ship, or going backwards when in a ship
in or toward the back part of a boat
a hooker
a prostitute
a derrière
a person's bottom
to reek
to have a strong, unpleasant smell
to turn in
to go to your bed in order to sleep
very boring, so that you feel like going to sleep instead of paying attention
to strut
to walk with your chest pushed forward and your shoulders back to show you are proud
a bailiff
(in Britain) an official who takes away someone's possessions when they owe money
to keep someone at bay
to prevent someone from moving closer
not in control, extremely excited, or crazy
a fruit
an offensive word for a man who is gay
a page
a boy whose job was to be the servant of someone of a high social class in the past
to gloat
to feel or show much pleasure because of your own success or good luck, or because of someone else’s misfortune
extremely upsetting because connected with suffering