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the stamina
the physical or mental strength to do something for a long time, esp. something difficult (definite article)
a stirrup
one of a pair of metal pieces that hangs from the side of a horse’s saddle, which you put your foot in when riding
a bivouac
a temporary shelter or camp for sleeping in outside, not in the form of a tent
a scruple
a strong belief about what is right or wrong that governs your actions
to rue
to regret
to canter
(of a horse) to move in a way that is like a slow gallop
to round up
to bring animals or people together in one place for a particular purpose
used to tell someone to be quiet
a somersault
a rolling movement or jump, either forward or backward, in which you turn over completely, with your body above your head, and finish on your feet
a pluck
a bravery and a strong desire to succeed
to whimper
to cry, making small, weak sounds
a bugger
someone who is stupid or annoying
a git
a person, especially a man, who is stupid or unpleasant
to buck
(esp. of a horse) to jump into the air with the head down and the back arched
to shred
to cut or tear something into small pieces
completely or entirely
tall and strong
happening, done, or chosen by chance rather than according to a plan or pattern
to patch up
to fix the problems in a relationship
to toll
(of a large bell) to ring slowly and repeatedly