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to get a grip on
to begin to understand a difficult situation and start to find a way of dealing with it
a weirdo
someone who behaves in a way that seems strange
a chamber
the part of a gun where you put the bullets
to drop it
to stop something you were doing or planning to do
(to be) in a bad way
to be ill, unhappy, or in a bad state
to dish out
to give something, or to tell something such as information or your opinions
a foal
a young horse
to whinny
(of a horse) to make a soft sound, like a gentle neigh
a colt
a young, male horse
a mare
an adult female horse
a stallion
an adult male horse
a filly
a young female horse
a thoroughbred
a horse that belongs to a breed that is considered of very high quality
silly and not sensible or reasonable
bugger off
used for telling someone rudely to go away (expression)
to not be willing to spend or give much money; mean; drunk (col.); having or allowing little room for manoeuvre
to see off
to make someone go away or leave a place, especially by chasing them
the sod
dirt with grass rooted in it (definite article)