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a truce
an agreement between two people or groups involved in a war, fight, or disagreement to stop it for a period of time
a commoner
someone who does not belong to a royal or noble family
a countenance
a person's face or facial expression; support or approval (mass noun)
to grovel
to show too much respect for someone or be too willing to obey someone
a lull
a period of quiet or reduced activity
a scrapper
someone who fights, often with fists
to hold down
to prevent something from developing, or to prevent someone from doing what they want
to indulge
to allow someone to do what they want or enjoy
a glen
a valley, especially in Scotland
to rout
to completely defeat someone in a battle, competition, or election
to quell
to cause a violent situation to end
a charge
an attack by people or animals running very fast towards someone or something
to stand up to
to deal effectively with a person or situation
to rally
to join other people in order to support someone or something when they are having problems
in droves
large numbers of people (expression)
a chevron
a symbol in the shape of an upside-down 'V' that soldiers, police officers etc wear on their sleeve to show their rank
an aide-de-camp
a military officer whose job is to help an officer of higher rank (French origin)
to hail from
to be from a particular place
to squabble
to argue with someone about something that is not important
to scrap
to get rid of something no longer useful or wanted