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used for expressing anger or disappointment (expression)
poached eggs
eggs cooked without their shell in water that is boiling gently (pl., no article)
a stooge
someone who is used by someone else to do a difficult or unpleasant job
a rundown
a short description or explanation of something
to replenish
to fill something again, or return something to its earlier condition
to fluoridate
to add fluoride to water
a fallout
the dangerous dust that falls to the ground after a nuclear explosion; 2. the unpleasant effects of something that has happened
a shroud
a piece of cloth that is wrapped around a dead body before it is buried
extremely unreasonable or silly
a Kraut
an insulting word for a German (noun)
to clot
to form or cause to form clots.
a going-over
the process of looking at something to check it
a blip
an unexpected and unusual condition that is usually temporary; 2 a small spot of light that appears on a radar screen and shows where a physical object is.
to deflect
to cause something to change direction, or to suddenly go in a different direction
a cutoff
a fixed point or limit at which something is stopped
a hatch
an opening through a floor or wall, or the cover for an opening, esp. on a ship
to budge
to move or cause someone or something to move
a harpoon
a long, sharp weapon that is fixed to a rope and shot from a gun or thrown, used for hunting whales and other sea animals
a trunk call
a telephone call made to a place that is far away but usually in the same country
blast it!
used for showing that you are angry (expression)