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to fuss over
to give a person or animal a lot of attention to show that you love them
a minder
someone who protects another person, often a famous person, from danger and unwanted public attention
to wail
to make a long, high cry, usually because of pain or sadness, or to make a sound like this
a jolt
a sudden, violent movement or force, or a large and unpleasant surpris
a jaundice
a disease of the blood that causes the skin and the white part of the eyes to turn yellow
on the ball
quick to understand what is happening and what must be done (expression)
difficult, dangerous, or frightening
to impound
to seize and take legal custody of (something, esp. a vehicle, goods, or documents) because of an infringement of a law; to shut up (domestic animals) in a pound or enclosure; (of a dam) hold back (water)
to lay sth to waste
to completely destroy something
tending to cause disagreements that separate people into opposing groups
a repercussion
the usually bad effect of an event, action, or decision
important because other things depend on it (adj.)
something that cannot be guessed or calculated because it is completely unknown (adj.)
a consternation
a feeling of strong annoyance and anger, usually because of something bad that you cannot change or that is completely unexpected
to make for
to result in or make possible
to live off
to get the money that you need to pay for food, a place in which to stay, clothing, etc. from someone or something
in the air, or carried by air or wind or by an aircraft
to horse around
to play in a very lively or rough way
directly opposing or competing with each other (adv.)
used to express surprise, or to emphasize what you are saying (expression)