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to humour
to do what someone wants so that they do not become annoyed or upset
a sequel
a book, movie, or play that continues the story of a previous work
to seethe
to feel very angry
a throng
a large group of people
a gorge
a deep, narrow valley with steep sides, usually formed by a river or stream cutting through rock
to draw out
to cause something to last longer than is usual or necessary
to make up
to invent an excuse, a story, etc., often in order to deceive
a buzz
a continuous, low sound; also a telephone call
to taunt
to try to make other people angry or upset by insulting them, laughing at them, etc
a mishap
an accident or unlucky event
completely shut so that no air can get in or out
an upheaval
a great change, causing or involving difficulty or trouble
to wing it
to do something without preparation or plans
a chaperon
an older person who is present at a social event to encourage correct behavior
a blast
an exciting and enjoyable experience
to hang (out)
to spend time in a particular place or with particular people
to harbor
to have in mind a thought or feeling, usually over a long period
a ploy
something that is done or said, often dishonestly, in order to get an advantage; a trick
a slob
a person who is messy, unattractive, and rude; 2. also someone who is just an ordinary person
an infatuation
having a strong but unreasonable feeling of love or attraction for someone or something