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a mousse
a light creamy substance which is put on the hair or skin to improve its appearance or condition
trousers which are loose above the knees and tight below them and which are designed to be worn when riding a horse (pl., no article)
a cutaway
a man's formal daytime coat, with front edges sloping diagonally from the waist and forming tails at the back.
a prom
a formal party held at the end of the school year for older students in high school
not clearly male or female
to lace sth up
to fasten shoes, boots or a piece of clothing by tying the laces
temporary and of low quality, but used because of a sudden need
(esp. of a woman) graceful and thin, with long arms and legs, and graceful
to take a hand in
to look after, discipline or train.
to pursue
to follow a course of activity
to swagger
to walk, esp. with a swinging movement, in a way that shows that you are confident and think you are important: He swaggered into the room just like any bully
dealing with unpleasant subjects from real life in a way that does not try to hide their unpleasant qualities
a stardom
the state or status of being a very famous or talented entertainer or sports player
a follow-up
something done after an earlier event that is connected with it
artists and repertoire (abbreviation/acronym)
a hoodie
a sweatshirt (= cotton clothing for the upper body) that has a hood to cover the head
an orb
something in the shape of a sphere; ~s = eyes
surprising, shocking, and often difficult to understand or imagine
to blow your mind
to find something very exciting and unusual
on high
in Heaven; used for talking about people with power or authority